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General equipment>>>
TD75 type belt conveyor DTⅡ,DTⅡ(A)type belt conveyor DJⅡ、DJ.JB type belt conveyor with corrugated baffle
DY type mobile belt conveyor DX,DTL,DSJ type Special non-standard belt conveyor TD type bucket elevator
NE type bucket elevator TH type bucket elevator FU type chain conveyer
Screw conveyer    


Fertilizer equipment>>>
对辊粉碎机 滚筒造粒机
Vertical mixer Double roll crusher Drum granulator
Disk granulating machine Drum dryer Cylinder cooling machine
Tilting type vibration sieve Compound fertilizer product screen Chain hammer crusher
Drum capsule polishing machine    


Starch equipment>>>
Belt conveyer Roller cleaning machine Stirring type peeling machine
Roller washing machine Hammer disintegrating mill Starch slurry pump
Vertical coarse slag screen Vertical fine slag screen Cyclone filter
Screen filter Disc separator Buffer tank
Scraper centrifuge Food grade conveyor belt Starch feeding machine
Radiator Hot air blower Cold air blower
Air lock device Rotary type sieve Air drying system
Chain scraper conveyor Shredded cassava recycling machine Cassava cleaning machine
Vacuum dewatering machine Starch sieve shaker Hydrocyclone station
Fresh cassava slice machine Submersible pump used for starch slurry Belt press filter


Mining machine>>>
Biaxial vane type mine washer Heavy-duty drum drying machine Spiral ore washing,grading,recycling machine
Wheeled sand washing machine Mine roller screen  


Other equipment>>>
Raymond mill Fanning mill With fan of hammer mill
Big power hammer crusher Wood skin scraping machine  


Complete sets of projects>>>
Cassava starch processing line Compound fertilizer production line Industrial power distribution system


    1)All of the equipment, we can provide you with quality products and the related services.
    2)More starch, alcohol, sugar, paper, mining machinery, environmental protection equipment well be upload to the webside, please pay more attention to our station.